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Gnocchi Night Every Thursday

This special offer is valid for the following hotels, part of FPI Hotels & Resorts:

Gnocchi Day is a typical Italian Christian tradition to eat Gnocchi on Thursday, fish on Friday, tripe on Saturday. It is also related to the proverb saying “Smile everyone, our mothers made Gnocchi and tomorrow is Friday”. Known for being a very traditional and nutrient-rich dish, the first Gnocchi recipes date back to 300 years. The word ‘gnocchi’ basically means a knot and similar to dumplings, they come in all different forms and sizes made of a soft consistence of potatoes, semolina, flour, eggs, herbs and other. 

Following the Italian tradition, every Thursday night is a Gnocchi Night at the La Terrazza di Serdica Restaurant and all Gnocchi meals are priced at 12.80 BGN only.

Chef Iginio Cortello’s prime Gnocchi bar menu consists of seven classic and authentic homemade recipes listed for your choice. 

Check out our Gnocchi bar menu every Thursday and we are sure you will be delighted with the quality and creativity of all the taste combinations!

Check out our Thursday Gnocchi Night menu below and book your table at + 359 886 898905!


Menu | Gnocchi Night

Gnocchi al Ragu | Gnocchi Bolognese

300g | 12.80 BGN


Gnocchi al Pomodoro | Gnocchi with tomato sauce

300g | 12.80 BGN


Gnocchi al Gorgonzola | Gnocchi with Gorgonzola

300g | 12.80 BGN


Gnocchi al Pesto | Gnocchi with Pesto sauce

250g | 12.80 BGN


Gnocchi alla Boscaiola | Gnocchi Boscaiola

300g | 12.80 BGN


Gnocchi con Salasa alle Noci e Rucola | Gnocchi with walnuts and arugula

300g | 12.80 BGN


Gnocchi di Zucca con Burro, Salvia e Ricotta Salata | Pumpkin gnocchi with butter, sage and salted Ricotta

250g | 12.80 BGN


For reservations & additional information, please contact us at:
☎ 0886 898905 |  restaurants@arenadiserdica.com