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July: the Month of Alsace Lorraine in The Restaurant: The New French Dining Experience in Sofia!

This special offer is valid for the following hotels, part of FPI Hotels & Resorts:

Alsace and Lorrain’s cuisine is so versatile that you will love it from the first bite! This is the reason why the last month of culinary travels throughout France in The Restaurant: The New French Dining Experience in Sofia, is dedicated to Foie Gras, asparagus, Riesling… and unforgettable evenings in our summer garden.

The French way of living – slow cooking, slow tasting of each bit of food prepared with love, slow drinking of selected types and brands of wine in sips… This is The Restaurant’s recipe for having good time in July, too. The Lamb Robert will melt in your mouth, the grain-fed chicken will remind you at our grandmothers’ dishes, and foie gras… foie gras is a magic we will serve you hot in a salad.

The cuisine of Alsace and Lorraine offers meals for every taste and every season. The Restaurant and Chef Plamen Evropeiski will present dishes prepared according to Alsatian tradition and combined with drinks originating from this Eastern French province.  

Review the full special menu below and make sure to reserve a table between July 1st and 31st by calling +359 885 581 758. Welcome!


For reservations & additional information, please contact us at:
☎ 0885 58 17 58 | ✉ restaurant@crystalpalace-sofia.com