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Animation team Santa Marina 2019

Nikoleta – Chief-Entertainer

Hello everyone, my name is Nikoleta. I am 24 years old and a 6 season devoted entertainer to the animation team in Santa Marina. I have more than 10 years of experience with sports ballroom dancing as a professional  dancer in various competitions and now I am teaching my skills to children. Dancing is my passion, therefore all 65 dance routines in the mini disco in Santa Marina are my creation. I love organizing , entertaining and visiting different places. I love summer and music. In my work, professional attitude and good results are most important to me. I love what I do and people’s smiles are what I am aiming at always!




I'm Vasylysa. I am from Ukraine. I was born in a simple rural family. I live and study in Lviv. I appreciate every minute and moment. Love life, family and God. I'm active girl always eager to do something. Sport, dance, active participation in various mass events – this is my nature. I like studing always trying to achieve something new. I consider myself hardworking and very responsible. Always sincere and open to everyone around me. I hate lies, irresponsibility and hypocrisy.




My name is Marina and I am 23 years old. I am studying at the university of Veliko Tarnovo . Discipline – Tourism. My hobby is volleyball . In my free time I like reading and watching historical films. I adore children and love playing with them intelligent games. I think I am open-minded and friendly person.




My name is Savina, I'm from Bulgaria, but I study Tourism Management in the country of the tulips and bicycles – the Netherlands. I am optimistic, radiant and ambitious. I am interested in yoga, I love walking with friends on the beach or in the mountains, read a book with a nice cup of tea, eat chocolate and play with my dog.  I like traveling, exploring the world and challenging myself. I like making people smile and spreading positive energy. Did you already smile today?




I am Yushin Nikita Vladimirovich, born on 21.08 2000. Currently I am a student in Bulgaria. At work, I have always been trying to distinguish myself through achievements and creative initiative, as well as while teaching. My hobbies are sports and cycling. I am a multiple prize winner in various athletics tournaments. I regularly work out at the gym and also like riding a bike in long distances.




Hello! My name is Valeria Skorich! I am from Ukraine, studying in Bulgaria, first year Molecular Biology. I am very energetic, sociable and cheerful. Аll the work I take with enthusiasm. I like to participate in sports games and creative contests. At school, I led holidays for children of lower grades. I play in the Russian theater and learn to play the ukulele. Most of the time in a team I take the lead. I like learning something new. My dream: to do something useful for the world, and leave my mark.




My name is Natalia Dymova, I'm from Ukraine. I have been living and studying in Bulgaria for two years now. My future profession is a social teacher. I am energetic, open and kind, with great pleasure I will help a person if he needs it. During her school years she took an active part in school activities. I like to have fun and have a great time with friends. My hobby is dancing, 10 years dancing in the ensemble of folk dances. Not once did we take part in festivals and won prizes. I like to discover something new and interesting for myself. I appreciate live communication and enjoy moments of happiness. I like people sincerity and honesty.




My name is Alexandra. I was born in 1996. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been training classical ballet and traditional Bulgarian folklore dances. I’ve graduated the  national school for dace art in Sofia. This has taught me self-discipline and responsibility. I am now due to graduate the University of Sofia “St. Kliment Ohridski” with a Bachelor’s degree in “Primary and pre-school pedagogy”. I love children as well as playing and working with them.